The Informal Stocktaking Consultation Climate Smart Agriculture Investment Plans for Africa

Rabat, Morocco, from 10 to 11 June 2019

The Initiative for the Adaptation of African Agriculture to Climate Change ("AAA Initiative"), in partnership with the World Bank and the French Development Agency, is hosting the Informal Stocktaking Consultation on Climate Smart Agriculture Investment Plans for Africa from 10 to 11 June 2019, in Rabat (Morocco).

The objective of the consultation is to share experience and lessons learned in the preparation and development of partners African Countries in the translation of their Nationally Determined Contributions and Agricultural Strategies into Climate Smart Agriculture Investment Plans (CSAIPs), providing bankable projects that address climate change, food security and vulnerability of smallholder farmers. The consultation will bring together country representatives engaged with AAA Initiative, World Bank, NDC partnership, French Development Agency, as well as national and international experts.

The consultation will lead to recommendations for improved level of support to African countries from AAA Initiative and its partners for CSAIPs preparation, development and resource mobilization.

- Download the agenda (PDF)