Three Events

The three main AAA events are:
- The international scientific symposium, which laid the scientific foundation for the initiative;
- The high meeting on the AAA initiative that brought, the 29th and 30th of september, all the stakeholders of the initiative;
- COP22, United Nations Conference on Climate Change: discover the AAA Conferences Agenda

High Meeting on the AAA Initiative
September 29-30, 2016
Marrakesh (Morocco)

September 29th and 30th, a high-level international conference was held in Marrakech, in the presence of government representatives (the African ministers of agriculture), international organizations NGOs and corporates, as well as donors, project proponents, scientists and experts. The objective of the conference was to present the technical solutions and best practices, to develop the AAA initiative with concrete proposals in terms of projects and funding, and especially to encourage all the stakeholders to make sure that the Adaptation of African Agriculture be placed at the heart of climate discussions.

COP22 Exhibition
International scientific symposium